Hohenschwangau castle

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Hohenschwangau Castle


In 1523 the castle was already described as not useful for defence purposes but with thin walls. The repair by the Italian architect Licio de Spari 1538 - 41 for the building owner, the Augsburg patrician Paumgarten, was nearly a rebuilding.


The building was the main residence of the government of Schwangau. After repeated change of ownership, the Crown Prince Maximilian of Bavaria was addicted to the charm of the place and bought the meanwhile to ruin decayed castle. The restoration started in 1833. The remarkable, on one side rounded ground-plan was retained and through the tower on the south-west corner resulted a regular building front. King Maximilian II has used the castle as summer residence.


As expected will be found the abundance of decorations in the interior, the innumerable paintings and the stories they narrate from the honourable persons of the German legend and history till to the heroic deeds of the then living generations of the family Wittelsbach.


Entrance fees:

Where to pay:

You can only visit the castle in a guided tour. Tickets for the tours are available only at the ticket-center-hohenschwangau - please buy your tickets before going to the castle






 € 8,00




Pupils, Students, Military Service and Alternative Service, Visitors over 65 years of age and disabled visitors when showing valid identification


 € 7,00




Groups, at least 15 members (This discount only applies if all tickets are bought and paid for at one time by one person.)


 € 7,00




Children under 18 years of age (Family discount: Children under 18 years visiting the castle accompanied by an adult receive a free ticket on request.


 € 7,00




Travel guides and coach drivers


 € 0,00





Horse carriage to Hohenschwangau Castle

Uphill:  € 2.50

Downhill:  € 1.50




You can also reach Hohenschwangau by foot, just follow the signs.

Approximate walking time from the car-parks to the castle: 15 minutes





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