Neuschwanstein castle

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Neuschwanstein Castle

View from Schwangau

This is King Ludwig's most famous castle. With its turrets and mock-medievalism, its interior styles ranging from Byzantine through Romanesque to Gothic its a real fairy-tale fantasy come true. It was built between 1869 and 1886. Only about a third of the building was actually completed.


The 15 rooms you see on the tour show astonishing craftsmanship and richness of detail.Woodcarving in Ludwig's bedroom took 14 carpenters 4 1/2 years to complete. Wagner's operas feature everywhere in the form of murals. The best view of the castle and a 45m waterfall is from the nearby Mary's Bridge (Marienbruecke), which spans a deep gorge. On the path between this bridge and the castle is a wonderful view of Hohenschwangau and the Alpsee.


King Ludwig II of Bavaria ordered to build this castle to express his idea of being a king. The planning was first made by the royal master-builder Eduard Riedel and as result a building was designed that was determined as a monumental Romanesque castle. The scene-painter Christian Jank made major contributions to the plans. The work started in 1869 with the tower house.


The castle reveals its splendour to the visitors in the king's bedroom. The magnificence could be seen from the architecture to the frescos, paintings, carved works, mosaics and ornaments, furniture and decorations. Innumerable artists worked there: painters, sculptors, carvers, joiners, glass painters, art smiths, locksmiths, decorators, seamstresses and embroiderers. They created works from their own imagination with highest craft skill by using historical design.





Entrance fees:

Where to pay:

You can only visit the castle in a guided tour. Tickets for the tours are available only at the ticket-center-hohenschwangau - please buy your tickets before going to the castle




Horse carriage to Neuschwanstein Castle

From Müller Hotel  

Distance from horse carriage stop to Castle Entrance

approx. 1000 ft, or 5 minutes by foot


Coach service to Neuschwanstein Castle

From Schlosshotel Lisl 

to »Jugend/Marienbrücke« observation point 

(Not suitable for disabled or elderly visitors!) 

distance to Castle Entrance approx. 2000 ft, or 10 minutes by foot

Busses only operate in suitable weather (no snow or ice).



You can also reach the Royal Castles by foot, just follow the signs.

Approximate walking time from the car-parks to the castle: 40 minutes




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